• UKUSEKELA holds an Operator’s License, issued in terms of the Lesotho Drugs of Abuse Act of 2008; which allows it to cultivate, extract and process cannabis and hemp for medical purposes.

  • The Company has installed a large supercritical CO2 extraction machine to extract crude oils from the biomass. 

  • Processing and production of the final product are done on site in the Production Facility designed and constructed to comply with EU GMP standards.

  • Access to affordable hydroelectricity and comparatively competitive wage rates means a competitive cost of production for UKUSEKELA and long term security for all the stakeholders.

  • UKUSEKELA is a home grown business with its founders predominantly Lesotho nationals.

  • UKUSEKELA is developing a leading medical cannabis / hemp facility in the Kingdom of Lesotho, an independent constitutional monarchy, located within the geographical borders of South Africa.

  • UKUSEKELA holds an Operator’s License, issued in terms of the Lesotho Drugs of Abuse Act of 2008. This licence allows UKUSEKELA to cultivate, extract and process hemp and cannabis for medical purposes; manufacture intermediate and final products for local use under the Government’s Public Health framework; and to export product to international customers for medicinal use.

  • UKUSEKELA site is located in a beautiful, pristine natural environment – free of any current, historic or future chemical contamination risk.

  • The site benefits from clean, dry air at 2,000m above sea level (significantly lower risk of mould, mites and mildew infestations); and abundant clean water.

  • Given the high number of annual sunlight days, artificial light is sparingly used to regulate the cultivation cycle.

  • The Company has installed a large supercritical CO2 extraction facility in compliance with EU GMP regulations.

  • Access to affordable hydroelectricity and comparatively competitive wage rates means a very competitive cost of production for UKUSEKELA- at less than 20% of peer group producers.

  • Lesotho is an ideal location for this industry.  The country has a supportive Government; attractive fiscal terms; and good infrastructure: roads, equipment supply, power, telecoms, water, and security.

  • UKUSEKELA is making a significant social impact, in the area in which it operates, and is a catalyst for lifting many out of poverty. Through a number of initiatives, UKUSEKELA is assisting in creating inter-generational wealth for the local communities.

  • The Company has committed to providing an opportunity for Lesotho nationals to share in the success of the business, via an upcoming public offer.